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Innovation R&D

« Durable partner, we develop the future in our R&D centre »

TRAIDIS relies on its know-how of cash processing solutions and on its R&D centre to discover innovative technologies and to follow up the continuous evolutions of the market.

Our innovative vision and its implementation are based on the integration of all of our R&D, computing and engineering skills thereby ensuring coherence and performance throughout the designing, development and production stages of a machine.

«We design and manufacture high-quality products corresponding to your needs »

Being both designer and manufacturer, we are extremely flexible and reactive concerning the customization of our offer and possible future developments.

TRAIDIS is characterized by its ability to provide full and computerized management solutions, allowing the automation of cash processing.

Our desire to build lasting relationships with our clients and our capacity to develop specific solutions are the keys to TRAIDIS success.

Today, the constant evolution of needs for automated and self-service systems requires a significant flexibility of our products.



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