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Sustainable development

TRAIDIS has implemented a policy to promote Sustainable Development. Indeed, this policy plays a fundamental role in the corporate culture of the company since it contributes to mobilize our collaborators and clients around common values and to strengthen the links with our suppliers and partners.

TRAIDIS, a long-term partner: since the satisfaction of our clients in essential to us, we strive to the success of all our projects both in short and long term. The quality of our products is acknowledge by the most notorious brands and companies and our perpetuity guaranteed by the desire for durable partnerships with our clients and suppliers.

"We contribute to make the territories where we are present dynamic…" TRAIDIS helps to maintain employment in the regions and contributes, at its level, to the development of the economy. Thus, with its Research and Production centre in the Vosges, the design and manufacturing of the machines of TRAIDIS as well as the maintenance of the counting material are carried out in France.

"Supervision of the manufacturing conditions of our products…"
TRAIDIS sees that all of its foreign suppliers and its subcontractors conform to the requirements concerning the respect of the Human Rights such as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations and the agreements of the ILO (International Labour Organisation), particularly regarding the abolition of forced work and child labour. Because they are source of improvement and security, TRAIDIS takes exacting care to make efforts in R&D in order to propose advanced cash processing solutions to various companies.

"Favour products that respect the environment…"
TRAIDIS confirms its commitment in favour of the environment by enforcing production processes adapted to it as well as by taking appropriate measures to have competitive products which constantly respect the environment while continuing to meet the expectations of its clients:

- Products conform to the new European directives DEEE/ROHS
- Management of the garbage equipment and selective sorting
- Optimization of the logistics
- Control of the consumptions of water, paper and energy


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