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11/01/2010 - METRO reduces its cash processing costs with the solution Autodis 2000++


After the success of the pilot project at Metro Marseilles, Traidis pursues the deployment of its cash processing patented solution Autodis 2000++ equipping the store of METRO Bordeaux.

METRO acquired the recycling solution Autodis 2000++ composed by
- 2 points of self-service takings deposit ;
- 1 point of self-service cash-float withdrawal ;
And allowing to recycle cash internally.

This back-office automated solution allows, in this configuration, to receive simultaneously 3 cashiers for their cash deposits/withdrawals in self-service bringing to the whole checkout organization unequalled gains of productivity.

The choice of the Autodis 2000++ was made to optimize the cash processing organization in order to reduce costs; the aim was to eliminate manual checking, to optimize the store's cash flows and to gain in time, security and productivity with a return on investment which can be reached in 10/12 months.

METRO uses daily and intensively the solution AUTODIS2000++for the cash-float withdrawals, the cash dispensing during their cashiers' shift and the takings deposits. A significant time savings was noticed and the system allows to optimize cashiers' time at the cash-desk.

Long-lasting partner of METRO, Traidis will pursue the equipment of METRO's stores during 2010.


Autodis 2000++

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