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International News

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09/11/2012 - Traidis present in Romania

Traidis will soon install an Autodis Cluster 3 solution in an Auchan retail store in Romania, ensuring optimal management of their cash processing.

02/11/2012 - TRAIDIS wins a tender in Australia

TRAIDIS, through its Australian partner, has just won a tender to equip a public transport network with 6 cash deposit solutions Autodep MB3 and the cash management software Quireo.

07/04/2010 - Traidis pursues the deployment of its Autodis 2000 in Italy

Traidis, and its Italian distributor, has just supplied Auchan Italy with 2 new Autodis 2000* for the self-service cash-float dispensing

08/10/2009 - Center Parcs Belgium equipped with an automatic cash float dispenser

After Center Parcs Lac d’Ailette (France_02), Center Parcs De Vossemeren (Belgium) has also been equipped with an Autodis 2000, self-service dispenser for its cash floats

07/09/2009 - Retail : 1st COOP store equipped with an Autodis 2000++ in Italy

The COOP store of Mondovi (Italy) chose the Autodis 2000++, a self-service cash deposit and cash dispensing solution with cash recycling to manage its cash flows

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