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New products

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05/07/2013 - CLUSTER 3R, new Retail cash management solution

TRAIDIS presents CLUSTER 3R, a new compact cash recycling solution designed specifically for small and medium size businesses.

08/11/2012 - TRAIDIS reveals its new Autodis 3+ video

TRAIDIS has launched its all new video today presenting its newest Retail cash management solutions.

10/07/2012 - Traidis presents the Autodis Cluster 3

Traidis presents the Autodis Cluster 3, a compact cash recycling solution that allows Retail stores to automate their cash flows. Specially designed for small and medium sized Retail stores, the standard version of the Autodis Cluster 3 can, thanks to its compact design, equip a supermarket of 3 to 4 self-service withdrawal/deposit points that can be used simultaneously.

26/11/2010 - Traidis presents Quireo, a software without equivalent, allowing companies to efficiently manage cash flows.

Especially designed to ease and secure cash flows management, Quireo software allows both monitoring Traidis connected machines from a remote work station and managing in real time all the daily transactions done on Traidis automated systems.

22/09/2008 - Retail Solution: Autodis 2000 ++

The retail sector expands to automatic cash processing with the Autodis 2000 ++

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