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Press review

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07/02/2012 - Traidis wagers on automatic cash management with its self-service Autodis++ solution

The reflection of cash recycling solutions for customers and for back-office use, with cash withdrawal or automatic counting, increases the consideration for self check-out solutions and self-service payment.

06/02/2012 - LSA: Self-CheckOut systems, retailers are learning to walk

Traidis and its back-office self-service processing solutions: … The desire of the public to pay in cash has resulted in the wide presence of cash processing automates and back-office cash management solutions allowing to automate the counting of coins and banknotes, thus optimizing the time of the cashiers. "It is, in any case, Michel Lecourt's philosophy, CAO of Leclerc Hyères hypermarket in France, who has equipped his store with the self-service Autodis++ Traidis cash recycling system in order to manage cash deposits and withdrawals of the cashiers. This solution seemed logical and complementary to me… "

11/01/2012 - LSA : Compact Cash Recycling System

The Autodis++ Cluster offers a new self-service cash flow solution which recycles and redistributes cash, specially designed for small and medium sized retail stores.

05/09/2011 - Autodis ++ Cluster: the automatic cash management for medium sized retailers

We know the automated cash management offers quite a lot of advantages…Therefore, the French Traidis launches the tailor-made solution for supermarket

05/09/2011 - The Autodis++ Solution Super U Clouange testifies

An adapted solution to manage the cash flows in supermarkets? Thanks to the Autodis++ Cluster, a Traidis solution, it is now possible

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