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05/09/2011 - The Autodis++ Solution Super U Clouange testifies

An adapted solution to manage the cash flows in supermarkets?  Thanks to the Autodis++ Cluster, a Traidis solution, it is now possible.

"Henceforth, the cashiers of Super U Clouange store withdraw automatically their daily cash float and do not have to count their takings manually anymore!
Every evening, they deposit their day's takings in the system. This one takes care to count and sort the coins and the banknotes enabling the cashiers to leave their shift earlier.
The cash office managers only have to get back the recapitulative ticket of the day. This allows them to save 1h15 mn a day.

The Autodis ++ Cluster brought us a precious time benefit... Indee, It increased the profitability of the checkout sector. Today, our method of working is safer, faster and more effective" declares Mrs Carine Weber, the Checkout Sector Manager in Super U Clouange.

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