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Press review

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15/09/2009 - Banque & Informatique: The banker's guides

Leader product: Disroll P200 ; Events during 2008/2009: launch of the Autodep 2000 Ti

09/09/2009 - Transport Public: Guide of the public transport industry

Traidis, French manufacturer specialised in cash processing, leader on the public transport sector...

04/06/2009 - LSA : Cash keep a low profile in the retail sector

The retail sector try to maximize the security around the cash flows in shops, making it more and more invisible.

31/03/2009 - Banque Plus: The exchange self-service solution in a shopping area

"In a global concept of banking agencies without any cash, developped for security reasons, the bank agencies with essentially "retailers" as clients..."

31/03/2009 - Banque Plus : The self-service banking area

Traceability of the deposits: The Autodep 2000 Ti is an intelligent cash deposit system (coins and banknotes) and cheque deposit system conceived by Traidis...

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