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Press review

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01/07/2007 - Transport Public Supplément

Traidis, French manufacturer specialist in cash processing, the leader of the transport public sector, sells the machines "Autodep"...

01/07/2007 - Banque & Informatique - the Disroll P200

With a width of only 553mm, the Disroll P200 is the new self-service compact rolled coin distributor of the Traidis range...

01/05/2007 - Banque & Informatique – Serie 2000 of Traidis

Intelligent self-service banking system. "Optimise your customer service!"...

01/05/2007 - Buralistes – Banknote counter

The new generation of CB35 has been designed to count banknotes, cheques and other documents in a fast and reliable way.

01/05/2007 - Union Presse – Count without making a mistake

Your point of sale handles a lot of cash? Traidis designed the CB75S, a fast banknote counter, equipped with an errors detector.

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