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Other: Highways, Leisure parks, Airports, Administration, Vending, Stores...

Your sector handles large flows of cash? The treatment of takings at the end of the day requires a laborious task. Our products guarantee a considerable cut of the duration of these operations and the risks of errors in counting: sorters / counters of coins, counter / value of banknotes, conditioning of cash, counterfeit detectors...

Furthermore, for the complete automation of your cash desks, TRAIDIS developed specialised cash processing systems a system of treatment and management of the sorts computerized for large volumes and adapted to your needs.

Whatever your activity sector is, TRAIDIS offers quick and efficient tools for cash processing: coin sorters and counters, note counters, counterfeit detectors, moneychangers...

References: ASF, ESCOTA, Vinci, Aéroport de Nice, UGC, Avia, BP, Sanef, la Cité des Sciences (Paris), Le Musée de l'Armée (Paris), Center Parcs, Groupe Derichebourg, les trésoreries Générales, Town halls, prefecture...

Cash deposit systems
Banknote Sorters / Counters
Coin Sorters
Counterfeit banknote detector
Packaging solutions
Coin lifters

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