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The means

TRAIDIS, manufacturer
and distributor, insures the maintenance level 4 for all the products:
- Equipment repair under guarantee,
- Equipment repair except guarantee following estimate,
- Repair of subsets or components,
- Upgrade software,
- Evolution and update of the equipments.

The maintenance can be insured by TRAIDIS and/or all of actor of TRAIDIS such as a third party maintainer, or its staff.

Each of our actors has gone through a complete training on our production/R&D site before the each product launch.

Thanks to our geographical spread, our experts, technical supports and maintenance partners are available near your agencies, shops or network, easily mobilised and guarantee an optimal capacity to react quickly in any situation.

Our Commitment

Through the maintenance contract, TRAIDIS insures:
- Guarantees for on-site intervention delays,
- Fast and efficient phone reception,
- Preventive maintenances,
- Up-dates of the products and their software application.

The difference TRAIDIS

Supervising its manufacturing process throughout the various stages of elaboration, development and production, TRAIDIS possesses a total control of products and the software that it offers.

TRAIDIS aspires to the unequalled perpetuity ensured by the creation of long-term partnerships with its clients and suppliers as well as by its capacity to develop specific solutions.