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TRAIDIS insures the training and the transfer of competence to all of its partners, both 3rd party partners and/or internal actors.

Number of training organism: 199213744952

These actors are trained:
- For our products and software,
- For the management of cash desk,
- For the security of the cash floats.

For all the participants, an initial training is foreseen before the installation and the launch of the machine. Then, an update training is planned every six months. This includes training for the various technical and software evolutions that might have taken place.

Finally, an additional training is planned if a major update of the machine is done.

Concerning the users, an additional training can be proposed one month after the installation. During this training, the TRAIDIS technician / agent can, if necessary, resume certain points which would need to be cleared up for a perfect control and knowledge of the equipment or the software.